We buy only the highest grade of Arabica coffees available from around the world which are freshly roasted right here in Texas and freshly ground and brewed especially for you when you order it. Our coffee roaster has over 30 years of combined experience and you are guaranteed the highest quality and freshest taste every time.

We also offer flavored coffees that go through extensive taste tests; the profile of coffee that is selected allows the flavor added to be distinct, flavorful and smooth. You will always find a nice clean finish on all of our flavored coffees.


Does your crema look this good? All's we can say is that we offer the best tasting  espresso shots around. Each latte', macchiato or cappuccino is made by only trained barista's so that each time you order one of our espresso based drinks, you will be getting that sweet, hardy, smooth medium bodied flavor each time. You will be guaranteed the best drink possible.  Add one of our many flavored sauces or syrups for that special "make it your own flavor".

Smoothies ... What's in YOUR smoothie?

Our wholesome "clean label" smoothie is everything a smoothie should be; full of fruit and and free of artificial ingredients. In one of our 20 oz crushed fruit & veggie smoothies you get 5 servings of fruits and vegetables.

100% Fruit, vegan, gluten free, no sugar, no artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners, dairy, lactose, preservatives, no fat (*except Acai with a healthy omega free) *when available.

Frappe's & Specialty Drinks

Our amazing line of frappes deliver a consistent taste that our customers deserve with no artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners. From our best selling Salted Caramel, vanillas and mocha's among many Specialty flavors. We offer several different options that deliver a bold taste that is incomparable. Try them as a frappe, hot or over ice and see for yourself.


We also offer scrumptious muffins as well as our vegan and gluten free cookies and our  yummy gourmet gluten free oatmeal in several different flavors.

Our homemade baked right here in our hometown quiche' has become a fan favorite with the locals as well as our visitors from around the globe. You won't be disappointed in this bull-icious menu item.

Iced Teas

We offer premium loose leaf black and green teas. We only buy the finest natural ingredients that are blended in small batches for lasting freshness and superior flavor.

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